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Sunday, July 10, 2011

I love my child I love my child I love my child.

After this *awesome* week of day shift (actually its not that bad) I realized I hadn't snooped *ahem* visited all of the blogs I normally check out -- seeing all of your work both inspires and motivates me to work harder, smarter and faster :).
Lyvy has decided this week of all weeks to start pulling herself to a standing position now with the help of anything thats around (seriously I have been woken up a few times this week when she pulled herself up on the side of the bassinet, reached over and started patting my face as if to say "mamma, I wanna play now". -- Time for the crib). Her favorite is in the pac-n-play in the living room. Thats our baby holding tank! We've used that since she was born because of the awesome changing table part and the bassinet level. We spend most of our time in the living room or kitchen anyways so it made better sense to have her close and have everything we needed to take care of her in a pinch close as well.
The baby jail!
Except yesterday she hoisted herself up, started playing with the changing center and in the space of less than a minute, had pull all of the lotions/powders and whatnots out of one side and chucked them at the floor, found the collection of no-go binkies and pacifiers (we had a trial and error period with them) and had arranged them inside the playpen with her, and had pulled about 15 wipes out of the container and was in the process of shredding them (have I mentioned my baby likes to play with paper?)
Needless to say, bassinet layer came out, and now shes in the larger deeper main area.

After being rescued,
Pardon my naked baby it was hot
today and we'd just had breakfast!
But this presents a problem. She has so much room, and can wiggle around and crawl more that she gets tuck. Don't ask me how my little ball of cuteness does it, but during my blog surfing she has gotten her head mushed up into the fabric screen area twice and not been able to back out, shes gotten the blanket wrapped around her legs 3 times and has somehow gotten the ears of her bunny tucked into the top of her diaper and couldn't get it out.
I swear it seems like every 2-3 minutes I am saving her from something.
Could just be that she wants an apple straw :)

Also an update on my drawers: I dislike blackwork. Yeah I don't like it. I thought I did before but I'm just, not really a fan of it. I'll do it when its appropriate but I'm not gonna lie. I have no ambition to be super great at it.
I found an awesome pattern from here, and decided to use the column/acorn pattern from the second sampler. I just changed out the acorns for flames (WOOOT). First - geometric flames are ridiculous. I mean retarded for me to draw. Mostly because I have very little experience with drawing as an art form. I always know what I want the end result to look like but that never seems to translate to the paper when I free form draw.
They do not look like mushy pineapples!
I ended up with this :

Ty says the flames look more like odd shaped pineapple than flames, but I thought they were as flamey as I could manage after 10-14 different tries of drawing them. I think the biggest issue I'm having with this pattern is there is no center line, no true running line to branch off of. Every single motif you see on there has been stitched differently. Every single one. And that's getting on my nerves. I liked the repetition of a determined pattern, its easier for me to memorize and then I go much much faster.

In any case, if you actually followed the link, on the same sampler the very bottom piece is what I've chosen for my ACC cuffs :D

This week its pocket, and underskirt.

Now off to rescue Lyvy again, I'm sure the bunny is beating her up!

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