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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

THE THING or.. OMFGHBS Fia's getting leaves??

I still don't believe it. I'm not sure I can believe it. I'm not supposed to right?

Its obviously been a hot minute since I posted anything here.. I actually had some pretty good intentions back in.. oh.. December. So maybe this time I'll actually keep them since I need to be accountable for everything that's happening.

I'll be writing a few back blogs to explain how I got to HERE, but that will come in the next few days.

Uprising 28 was amazing in so many ways. The Doomy Iron Chef team took home the Banner for the cooking competition, I didn't kick the chicken around on the ground (probably a good thing since it won judges choice), friends got awards, the Barony was well represented.

So enter Grand court Saturday night. I am currently the Vox for the Crown Prince and Princess of Artemisia and have finished their business in court. Mostly grand court for a herald, especially one who is serving a court without a lot of business means you stand behind the thrones, quietly and patiently. Never looking tired, never looking bored. Even though your feet ache, your tired of standing and there are a MULTITUDE of shenanigans going on behind the thrones. For me its a reminder to smile pleasantly the whole time. Which gets tiring as well. I have a serious resting bitch face issue. WHICH has been pointed out to me before, so little amused smile all night is the ticket.

Sometimes its hard to tell whats going on in court when you are behind the thrones.. especially when its baronial business and CLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAR at the other end of the pavillion. I can't even tell you whose business was going on.. I think it was after BGL (which means last). All I remember is standing there amused smile plastered on my face, I see the Royal heralds consulting with their majesties for a moment *whisper whisper whisper* and the Herald is announcing that Their Majesties have requested the Kingdom Bard to entertain the court.

Hold a tick,

That's me.

Tonight I am prepared (the night before I was hit blindside with a request to sing a "pretty" song during an elevation.. of course I panicked and couldn't think of anything at all, pretty or otherwise, that didn't involve drinking or boobs *sigh*). I brought my bardic book up to court with me and I have a plethora of music to choose from. I ask quickly and quietly if I can bring a cheat sheet with me and Her Majesty responds I can bring whatever I want with me.. So I step thru the line of thrones and address the populace.

Photo courtesy of Illora of the West Lea
Now truthfully I thought I was just killing time. It's happened before. I've sang before court while we're waiting for stuff to happen, I've sang during feast, I've sang during court while someone is being fetched. I'm not all that nervous and I speak for a few seconds about the song itself (rather old in SCA) and invite anyone who knows to sing along..

So the random song I sang was "Worms of the Earth". Its medieval anarchy. It's a peasant revolt. But I wasn't nervous, I didn't warble too much and in my ear my voice sounded strong and clear. --- I could be totally wrong.

It goes well, the crowd cheers and her Majesty, OOOOOH Kortland Regina Artemisia, hops off her thrown and comes over to take my hand and says come with me.
I stop.
"Do I need my mom for this?"

-- Interject here. I asked about having my mom here because well.. she missed my Key Cross. She was in camp and was worried she wouldn't be able to make it up to court in time and didn't want the Crown to wait. I didn't know this at the time and when she protested enough about "just go just go" I left for court. Its always been a thorn in my side that I didn't follow  my gut and make sure she was with me --

"I dunno Fia, what do you think THIS is??" Says Kortland with that perfect poker face.

"........ I am not sure, but if its anything important I'd like my mother to be here"

"Well, we'll see what happens" She turns, takes a step, looks over to the front row where my Lady of Doom friends are sitting and says very matter of factly "Will someone please get Fia's mom"

HE Braden told me later that from his position behind the thrones.. I melted. It was instant water works, oh yes dear reader, I cried. At this point in time it could really only be one thing (though in hindsight it really could have been a few). So maybe it was just the weight of the moment, or maybe it was just war being a week long and I was tired. Maybe it was because earlier while I was getting ready and my mom was braiding my hair, for some odd reason I was compelled to thank her for playing. To thank her for starting this a year ago and sticking with it, for joining this crazy game and world I love so much, so that just one person in my family might understand the draw, the drive I have.. the passion it inspires and why the SCA is so important to me.
Photo Courtesy of Illora
of the West Lea

And maybe its just cause I'm a bit of a crier. /shrug

Their Majesties invite me to kneel on the royal pillows and sink down, not gracefully I'm sure, but relieved because I'm not quite sure my legs all a shakin' will hold out much longer. Her Majesty, who is a kindred crier, takes my hands and speaks about how far we've come. Konrand and Kortland were my first king and queen in society, and they remember me! Which just makes this even more special.

Second interject - People.. if your friend is getting something HUGE, and you have the ability RECORD IT.. I don't care how great the quality is, I don't care if you can't see the person at all. Just get the words. I know some fabulous things were said about me, but in the overwhelming tidal wave of emotions I remember very very little.

In a perfect moment of sheer delight, their Majesties requested all members of the Order of the Laurel to attend them and me. I cry even more.
The Order of the Laurel.
Oh. My. GAWD.
Some people dream of being royalty (I still do), some of nobility. Some only to be a knight. From the first moment I understood what a laurel was, I wanted to be one. It was my one steadfast goal. Thru struggles and trials and everything in between someone, somewhere thought highly enough of me to suggest me to the circle.. and then I passed!

As my heros, my teachers, my inspirations of what it is to BE a Laurel kneel around me I remember being a little more calm. Still crying, but calm. It's real. Its going to happen. Her Majesty askes my Laurel, Duchess Mistress Caryn Von Katzenburg to speak of me. She is gracious and beautiful and dignified, and speaks about how proud she is of me. How my hard work has shown thru and she was only there to guide me.
I could not have done this without her guidance.

His Majesty speaks about me, my soon to be brothers and sisters and advises me that at a date in the future I will be asked a question. That I must contemplate my answer and seek guidance from those around me.
In my nervousness I quip that someone should sing. Although I was too overcome (naturally), my good lady friend Hastings did. I know it sounded beautiful. I know I was so happy that someone would sing for me in a moment when I needed the distraction of music the most.

Perfectly, as the song was ending, my mother is escorted into court and I hug her super tight. Its amazing. AMAZING. I'm so glad she could be there for me and with me and in this last year but with me every step of the way. We are excused from court and head out beyond the grand pavillion where so many people are waiting for me.
So many faces I love so dearly. So many people to hug.

And it continued thru the night.. and I was hugged, and well wished and loved upon greatly every moment of the evening.