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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blogging woes and and award

You know the worst part of blogging?
Maintaining. It.
Especially when you are the only one reading it. Maybe one day I'll be a super cool guru of something and someone will come along and want to see my early pages though, so I plug along. Or am trying to commit to plugging along.
That and it irks me to no end when I look at a blog that hasn't had any new content in forevah.
So let start back a bit.
This summer I made a third Roman Chiton. I prefer the Doric Chiton without a peplos fold such as shown below. My first one ever was with a peplos fold over but I was never quite happy with it. Second was a purple silk tissue, and it didn't have a fold and I liked it more. 
Me at Midge Marsh Melee, 2013
Number 3 was in some nice peach linen and I did some hastily gathered shoulder pleats for it while sitting in camp at Uprising war. Having no fibulae (yet) I permanently attached some metal belt bits that have rather large stones in the same peach shade.
I wore it with a tunica underlayer out of regular muslin, and made a palla out of some particularly lovely dark brown cotton tissue. My mom got the fabric off the clearance rack at walmart and WOOHOO. Prax made me some lovely jewelry and I feel pretty good in it.

So there we were, half of the house sitting around after dinner while grand court was going on. I was actually talking about how I'd always wanted to be one of those people they had to send a runner from court to. Not that I dislike missing court but sometimes with kids, its just not in the cards.Especially camping.  At the same time talking about this I was also explaining the joys of an Italian Zimarra. It's the perfect housecoat and just a great way to cover up a multitude of not dress/dirty sins. Such as being in an event kitchen all day. Or only being half dressed at camp. I happen to have a lovely green linen cotton one and it hangs BEAUTIFULLY.

Kneeling before their Majesties
Five minutes later and a house mate comes into camp letting us know that I'd been called into court. By their Majesties. Slight panic ensued as we all gathered clothes, shed aprons, hustled about and got ready for court. Hiked it up the the Kingdom pavillion with the kids in the wagon. They were finishing up with another member of the populace and I waited just outside the tent, chatting with some friends. The man bestie came up as they called my name, in full Fia garb and escorted me before the crown. He told me later it only made sense for someone showcasing my talents to walk beside me.
The scroll by Mistress Duchess Caryn, my Laurel
In any case, Damon and Veronique saw fit to admit to the Order of the Key Cross, the Artemisian Grant level arts and sciences award. My own beloved Laurel, Mistress Caryn created my scroll but was unable to make it (I got it at a later event).  Their Majesties said some lovely things about me, and I did tear up some.

But the best best best moment came as I was leaving court, thru the center of the pavillion amid clapping and cheers. As the roar died down some, above the hush you could hear clear as a bell, my darling darling lovely daughter Alyvia Jean yell out "YAY MOMMA!!!!!"