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Monday, July 4, 2011

I don't think I can, I KNOW I can!

I really can. I really really can.

I start a new detail tomorrow morning - yeah I said morning. For those that know me, I've been a swing shift employee for almost all of my nearly 13 years in service. But this project is a unique opportunity to go to day shift until November and I couldn't very well pass it up.
So tomorrow at 8 am, I am supposed to report to work. We'll see how this goes.

The odd thing is, I seem to do more in the evenings. Not sure why since I seem to have more time during the day (I generally get up between 9-11 and don't have to be to work until 4). and then more time after work, but the few times I was on day shift I managed to get more done.

In any case....
I am almost finished hand sewing the rolled seams on my drawers, then I'll start my black work. Why did I hem them first and now will start the black work instead of the other way around? Eh.. cause I wanted to. My hand sewing is going MUCH MUCH faster now, so I'm less daunted by the other hand sewing garments I'm considering throwing into the plan. After I get a few things done in my house today I plan on finishing that seam off and starting my blackwork so hopefully there'll be a picture added tonight of some progress.
I'm also going to be working on covers for our camp chairs.

After following Serephina's blog about her shade fly thingy - I knew I could made one too. We've talked about it alot in  سيربينت  بلازينج just to get different ideas of how to make our encampment better. So instead of using duck cloth or canvas I'm practicing on $2 a yard pretty cotton brocade I got at home fashion fabric. Its actually in our house colors and I have some pretty blue cotton that I'll be using to decorate and make the camp chair covers to match.
There are several plans for this house, including the portcullis, the shade flys, and the cooler covers! I love that I have so many crafty people surrounding me that want to make our environment look more period :D

And the last thing I want to get done today, is work on my ACC entrant information. I need to get it submitted so I have something to show that I'm ready for it.

Oh yeah, plus some paperwork called Letters of Intent (*deeep breath*). Gotta get those done too.

1 comment:

  1. Changing it up at work can be tough, but sounds like this is a great opportunity for you! Congrats!

    Handsewing is my enemy! Kudos to you for doing it on your drawers, and for blackworking them, too. I avoid handsewing like the plaque, but I find myself wanting to use it more and more... weird!

    You gals sewing shades are crazy!