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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Artemisian Costume Challenge and a question...

So how tickled am I that Mstr Bianca decided to do a challenge similar to the IRCC?
But now this presents a double problem as I want to complete in both. But I want to have a different outfit for the ACC. The only difference really I can see between the two competitions is the $100 limit on the ACC and it doesn't have to be Italian.  -- Oh and the documentation.
Challenge website All of the nifty bits are there.

ALSO! How awesome is it the amount and level of people who are going to be participating! I have just about ALL my material necessary for this project, and with a quick though of "hey if I use this fabric for ACC, instead of IRCC, I can just buy more for IRCC and then I won't go anywhere near my $100 budget!!" Fabulous how that works.

But there is one dilemma.

I need to pick something to make!!!

Yeah that part is already got me picking my brain. I ran across this

when I was sifting thru pictures on my computer yesterday. Other than the last layer blue fitted doublet style dress I've made "this" before. I like that the kirtle isn't clear up to the neck  and I can still get away with showing some cleavage. Plus those poofy Sleeves!! 
"Does it have puff sleeves??"
Why yes it does!!
I think this in fact might be the winner for my gown.

But what do you think?


  1. I think that doublet-style gown would be a good choice! Unique, and the big collar and puffy sleeves are nifty. I say go for it!

  2. There will be several of us doing similar styles, but not identical. I say the more the merrier! Go for it!

  3. @ Mistress Jaquelinne -- Yeah I see now that several people are doing the same style of dress and I feel a bit retarded for jumping in on the awesome bandwagon. I guess the only thing is I *REALLY REALLY* want that huge standing collar and those sleeves!
    Also, how many of us lovely Artemisian ladies walk around wearing Venetians? No two are alike so I think this is the dress for me!

  4. Love those sleeves and that high standing collar. Looking forward to seeing how you put it together. Good luck with your choise.