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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wisest choices

Gryphon's Pride scroll
I never did make it thru the IRCC last year. Real life kinda snuck up on me, which it tends to do A LOT. Makes me wonder if I'm just lazy (most likely) or I really do have a busy life that prevents a lot of things to be finished.
In any case, I started looking thru the pages of the entrants of this years IRCC and am kinda sad I didn't enter the challenge. In the end though, I really think it was the wisest decision before me. I'm still currently the scribal Coordinator for Their Majesties, Sean and Nisa, and that's taking enough time as it is. I find it hard to ask people to do last minute scrolls, so I end up doing them myself. The Gryphon's Pride scroll was done in about 3 days and it has my very first ever gilded versal. I <3 Gilding.

Now there are two different challenges coming up that I'm going to participate in. I wrote about the headgear one yesterday but Mistress Bethany has offered a "scribal blank" challenge for our barony. It doesn't start until May, but it certainly does give me time to consider what I want to do..
Kind of exciting actually..

I need to finish the gryphon banner.. Its KILLING me. I'm not finished with it yet but its just taking forever. I'd say I've got about 1/4 left of the original embroidery to do, then it has to be attached. I know its something that I could get finished if I'd just concentrate on it.. but... *grumble*

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Atop your head...

So its been discussed several times in our kingdom to start a "project of the month" challenge ala Realm of Venus Mini challenges, but it never quite took off.
With the possible demise of the Occulas Candide yahoo group looming, several of us chimed in about how we really did want to start getting back to the group projects. Enter in Miss Maysun who has a thing with head coverings and so the first ever Mini Challenge has been started.

We have from today until the end of May to complete a head covering of our choice, with minimal documentation. I've been kicking this plan around for a bit so I already knew what I would make.
Lyvy needs something for her head for colder weather and when she isn't wearing Perkish. Since Auntie Cha-cha has already made her a fabulous Persian hat I figured she should have a warm hood to wear with her other garb.

Enter in the Lyvy hood!!

how to be a hoodlum has given me lots of advice and I was just looking in my The Medieval Tailor’s Assistant: Making Common Garments (if you don't have this book but want some basic/early period directions and pattern starts, THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU) last night for more direction --told you this has been planned and plotted for a bit.

Since this is for Alyvia however, it will be a bit more simple and probably out of something fun color/pattern. I like the idea of wool, but need to make sure shes not allergic to it. I also was going to make her some layered Norman-esque dresses to wear so this will be a perfect appropriate top to it.. I might be able to even hide a "toddler helper" leash in the tail ;)