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Friday, October 7, 2011

Embroidery hell..

Why do I pick projects that excite me, but then I get discouraged by the amount of work required?
In addition to the ACC, I'm also helping Sajah with her pelican ceremony garb (let me know if you want to help!) And I decided to enter the month long idle hands competition. I'm doing an embroidered flag fan. I know bella is doing one as well but I believe she is doing assisi or voided long arm cross stitch (my next project!!), and I'm doing straight out the door embroidery..
My pattern transfered and sized is somewhere in this post (I'm on my phone so it didn't give me a placement option). Its a variable on page 40 from La Vera perfezione del disegno.
It has the enflamed heart that is going to be on my device. This was found by the lovely Hastings months ago, but I wasn't *ready* for it then so it didn't catch my eye.
Now to go home, fit my linen to the frame and assign silk thread colors...

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