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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Somewhere to rest my head..

Okay so this is a bit old but I still wanted to get it up.

Junes challenge ala Maysun was an encampment improvement, and one of the things I've been begging to add to our camping experience has been a bed. Hell I've been asking for a rope bed since I was was camping pregnant and Lyvy will be 2 this December!!
After begging, whining, pleading and general internet searching for plans and directions, I figured it would probably just be a HELLA lot easier if I did it myself. Little more research and I determine that a rope bed would be a LOT less lumber to haul and if we did it right wouldn't really have any extra center sag that an air mattress so why not?? Patience was on board and she needed to make a bed for herself and her son.
Patience and Cody getting started
Enter the epic three bed weekend.
We decided to embark on our plans the weekend before Quest.. Yeah. We decide to make camping beds the WEEKEND before our first camping event.. Nuts? Maybe. Determined? Sure are!
The twin for Graham
The full for Patience
Eventually we find the plans that are most what we want to use are Here at GreyDragon and the other set are on a PDF that everyone uses and links to (blogger doesn't really like linking to PDF's or I'm doing it wrong.. either way.. whatev!). We got the single and the full done, and the pieces for my queen cut out that weekend, then dear brother helped me get my bed all together Tuesday.

Verdict? There are some things I'd change, and some I like. My bed is shorter than the first 2 by 2 inches, and Its TOO HIGH for me to get in and out of without a bit of a struggle, no more than being on the floor though. So I think I want to shorten all of my legs by at least an inch, though Ty loves the height. Also, its actually too short for me to store my garb totes under, though problem solved, we decided to get some of the under the bed organizers! They are clear and longer and that will super help with keeping the garb less wrinkly at events. Its not like I can't use the toes we already have in other areas anyways!
My queen bed, compete with
helper brother Cody
See how big?!?!
My floor would be attached though..
Last issue is that its a TAD big for out tent. Before now I would have told you our tent was MASSIVE on the inside, but putting our queen size bed in there really takes up a lot of room, everything ahead of the pole is taken up by bed. We were talking about a new tent/pavilion this winter anyways so maybe this will be the catalyst to getting said bigger dwelling. Seriously part of me is STILL totally wanting the big tent from Bell Tent UK. We'll see if we decide to go that direction (hello rubberized attached flooring!!) or if we build our own. If we buy the big one from bell tent, it has a door on the right hand side that actually is the same size as the our current tent, so its designed that it can be a separate room.. Can you say lyvy tent???

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