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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Lyvy hood!

Lyvy and the Sjkald hood
Once I convinced her to leave it on,
she didn't want to take it off!
Back heart stitched in yellow twisted silk, with
Viking runes that say
"Be warned, my daddy carries a big stick"
I mentioned earlier in my blog about Maysun challenge numero uno being "atop your head" any type of head covering you could have worn in period.. I had originally planned to make Lyvy an early period hood or gugel but decided to go with a Sjkold hood instead.
The deadline for the challenge was May 31st, and I finished the very next day late in the evening but still hadn't gotten around to posting any pictures so I present..
The Lyvy Sjkold hood!!
Front side with 3 knotted heart pattern
I started with 2 yards of scarlet 100% wool flannel, which ended up being more of a raspberry color after several washings. Its embroidered with silk twisted floss, with 4 knotted hearts on the front section, and a large knotted heart on the back section with viking runes that say "Be warned, my daddy carries a big sword" inscribed in the heart. It has been Whipstitched at all of the seams to mimic the extent piece and has a blanket stitch around both the head opening and all along the bottom.

The only changes I made were the following:

  • I did not include a drawstring at the face level. I cut the center section pretty specific so there isn't much room for the hood to flop around anyways so I didn't see a need.
  • I graded the neck opening about 1/2 to make it easier to get on and off, without destroying the fabric at her chin level.
  • I cut the cox comb section on a slope and whipstitched it together rather than just whipstitch from the inside and leave the excess fabric in the hood. Made it easier to get the excess fabric out. 
  • I added a tassel at the top of the hood, and might add a bell, just because I felt like it and its for my toddler. 

Close up of the front embroidery

Close up of the back embroidery


  1. The embroidery is pretty darn awesome!

  2. Thanks, its like my new passion.
    I'm already planning/plotting my next project. Which is a gift and secret mwahaha :)

  3. Little Red Livyhood is ADORABLE! Well done - that embroidery turned out beautifully.