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Saturday, September 1, 2012


So here I was, all set to actually maintain my blog and was getting geared up for court season here in Artemisia, and I finally was able to make it into the Dr.

See I'd been having some tummy issues for a bit and wasn't quite sure what was going on.. This was the note I wrote in FB about it.

This would be the easiest place to do some explaining.After Alyvia was born I developed some severe cervical dysplasia, I had to have a few treatments for it to help stave off complications and possible cervical cancer. They told me that some of the symptoms following up might mimic pregnancy and if I was worried I could take a home test -- I've taken 4 home tests and each of them were negative.

I started getting a little poofy in the tummy area (Yeah I know I'm chubby but this was different) about 3 months or so ago, but I had just taken a test and it was negative so I figured I was just being lazy. 
because of the dysplasia I was taking my oral birth control religiously, like as in I set an alarm on my phone so I would take it the exact same time every day. 
I have never missed a period, I have had no typical pregnancy symptoms. No morning sickness, no tender breasts nothing. No crazy cravings that stayed -- except the ice thing
About 6 or so weeks ago, out of the blue I felt... a flutter.. and this was different from all the "gas pressure" I'd been feeling before. I had just chalked it up to normal tummy stuff I'd been dealing with since having Lyvy and wasn't concerned. Then it happened again.. and again.. and again and again and again.. So I made an appointment with my Dr and took another at home test.. negative.. Still, I was starting to get this "pooch"  at the top of my stomach and it made me nervous.First appointment was cancelled because Dr had emergency delivery -- this was also around the time of the record high temps that caused babies to just drop so it wasn't a big deal.
Then my second appointment got cancelled.
and I started calling and not getting return calls.
and it went on and on and on.. I even tried getting a hold of my family practioner but can't see her until after September 18!!

So I got a few friends to suggest some places and finally settled on a midwife at Circle of Life in South Ogden. My appointment was today at 4. Went in, filed out my paperwork. There as some confusion about when my last period was and then the midwife came in to see me. 
We did a papsmear (oh joy oh joy) since I was due, and then she decided to do a vaginal ultrasound (still thinking I wasn't along very far) and when she had issues with my cervix and pelvis, she decided to do a normal ultrasound.

and the head measured 39 weeks. Leg measures 39 weeks. Baby has hair.. baby is 39 weeks ALONG.. baby has strong steady heartbeat, looks to be in good shape and OMG did I mention 39 weeks?!?!?!?! Even the midwife was shocked. 
We did some bloodwork, and a 20 minute stress test. Took my blood pressure again and it came down. 
Currently I am dilated to a 3 and effaced 70%. My official due date is August 25, IF i make it that long though the midwife isn't sure I'll even make it to this weekend. I am going to work tomorrow to start my paperwork, and then we'll just take it from there..Both Ty and I are in shock, but hey.. at least this was the quickest easiest pregnancy ever.

That was August 14. I went in for a perinatal ultrasound on the morning of the 16, and ended up being induced that afternoon.

 Thyran Khalid was born on August 16, 2 days after I found out I was pregnant, at 10:45 p.m. 7lbs12oz 19.5 inches.

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