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Monday, May 7, 2012

Im craft challenged.

Yeah that's correct. Sometimes I have to do use odd methods to understand what my end result is going to be or look like, especially when I haven't seen the product in person.
So I decide to start out with a Skoldehamn Hood for alyvia for the hat challenge. THL Sofi the crabby (who really isn't crabby) taught a make and take at FP last week. But since I was at work I missed out.
I've been pouring over the Notes and all the stuff I can find online (mostly here Sjkold hood -- which has the example pattern)  but still just couldn't wrap my head around how it would actually all go together.
So I made a paper mock up.
Okay I'll admit that sometimes my methods are a bit odd to even me, but once I cut the pieces out (not to scale mind you) and started taping them together suddenly it seemed to make sense. "Wow those pieces really are intended to go together" and suddenly I went from the paper diagram on the left to the wee bitty paper hood on the right.
I've decided a few things as well:

  • I will make some viking whipcord and use it as a drawstring in the hood area. This of course will also be useful depending on how thick my wool fells out after washing.  But this will be pretty helpful with keeping it on the munchkin.
  • I'm going to make two front gores and layer them on top of each other so I can attach buttons to it. I think having it completely open in the front, being able to button once its on, will be easier to get a squirming toddler in and out of rather than an over the head opening. Guess we'll see huh?
  • I kept debating all day what I wanted the embroidered viking runes to say. Finally figured that out last night when I was at work. "Be warned. My daddy carries a big sword" Which has of course gained approval from the boyfriend. 
  • This will be out of the red wool I bought on a whim (I got it as a remnant from Renaissance Fabric which has pretty good deals for scraps -- Think I paid like maybe 5 bucks for a yard?) and I'm trying to decide what color the embroidery will be.. Crystal aka Jaqueline offered up some of her private stash wool for a  guegal with dagging for the Lyvy. I might take her up on it after a time but this is much easier and simple so I figured I'd give it a shot this way.
  • I'm still trying to figure out what OTHER embroidery I should add to it. Suggestions have been Pinky the poodle, and sharkum bear..


  1. I sooooo understand you on this. I've been trying to put together the Thorsburg trousers for Hoggar since the ACC. Var says, "Just take a pair of boxers and cut them up this way..." I CANNOT figure out how to cut up those darn boxers to make the pattern for the trousers. GRRRRRR I have the three web sites she used as reference as well as her actual documentation and notes and the darn things are not started yet because my brain can't wrap around how to do it.

  2. This isn't the first time I had to make a mini paper mock up for something I wanted to make. In fact it generally happens quite often. I think rectangle construction is easy peasy, but putting the pieces together is quite often a mystery for me..

  3. You haven't made a kimono yet. Rectangle construction is a biatch!

    I'm thinking about making the Skjold hood for Hoggar (maybe me too)was it too difficult? I haven't gone over Kimi's notes yet for measurements and stuff so I don't have a point of reference yet.

  4. Actually I did make Kimono.. I made it for Japanese quest several years ago.. and yes.. Effin' BIATCH.

    Actually making the hood wasn't that difficult to be honest. It was figuring out how to scale it down for the lyvy cakes that made it a challenge but I think I got it right for the most part.. she seemed to like it at least..