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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

IRCC update

UPRISING WAR!!! Was upon me, and like most SCAdians, I needed some significant time to get ready, so IRCC went on the back burner for a bit. I ain't skeered though! The week before uprising I pulled out of thin air, 4 pairs of drawers, 2 new camicia, 1 partlet, 1 coif, 1 semi finished velvet jaunty cap (TM), 1 gorgeous peplos, altered 2 bodices for myself. Made 1 linen coat and pair of salwar, fixed another coat for my good pal Sir Roger, and helped my other good pal Lady Cecilia finish 2 new kirtles and we started a new shift.
So I was busy.
Getting back to the grind however, I actually cut out my red linen drawers while at war, took them to my apprentice tea and sat next to my laurel, needle and thread in hand and asked ever so sweetly "Will you show me how to do that awesome hem stitch we always talk about?!" So the drawers are on their way, both have been hemmed along the leg cuff, and since I didn't have my blackwork thread with me last night at work, I made the executive decision to roll hem all of them and join them with the herringbone stitch I read so many of my fellow challenge entrants doing. Might as well give it a shot eh?

I also purchased the fabric for my underskirt! SQUEEEE! Its a pretty lilac, and taking a page from Praks I decided to give the bottom a corded treatment. Being the girly girl I am, I got super screaming bubblegum pink rat tail and have developed the pattern (yes, pattern) that will require hand couching. I am also considering doing a felt backing to that guard, rather than in the hem, just for S&G to see how it goes.

Also, making my practice quicky partlet opened up a whole knew world of "how am I gonna do this". I have this fabulous silk gauze gifted to me a few years back that is just so delicate and sheer and gorgeous that I want want want want it to be a partlet. Problem is, its so delicate and sheer it is a PITA to get it to do much of anything. So I've been muddling about trying to figure something out.
I might call on my pal Serephina after shes done answering a super duper important vigil-type question to see if she has any thoughts on it. If not, I'll either use some of my silk batiste or order some silk organza Mistress Bianca found for me online.

Its time to get to it!!

pics and explanations to come

1 comment:

  1. I am going to be so bland next to you. I keep telling myself that "plain is classy," but my inner Russian is demanding sparkle and pearls. Love the idea of crazy pink cording on the petticoat.