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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sparkly bits!

I started my jewelry!!! Oh yeah thats right, I got my pieces and my glass beads on clearance when a local craft/hobby store was doing their going out of business sale. Its my first time doing wire worked jewelry and the first couple of headpins definitely show it, but I'm getting better at it.
Its progress right?
I've also almost settled on my design for my pocket, though I wish I could find my damn silk scrap from my original Silk Venetian V gown. I'd love to use some of that silk taffeta. Instead I'm going to use some of my scrap linen from a Sal project.
I'm still debating on whether or not I'm just going to do some goldwork couching or try the trapunto I'd originally planned. I have almost settled on a pattern though.. Its going to be rather large ornate lotus from a book of extent Indian prints I got in Montana when I was visiting for Crown Tournament. The lotus looks very sun-ish and since I want a sun in splendor on my personal device I figure that would look awesome right?!?!?
Must talk to Thea about helping me with my heraldry. I want to actually get a device passed.

Meanwhile after talking it out on Sunday at D&D, I decided my stockings will be some of the silk batiste Kari/Bianca gave me with the tops turned down and red worked. Why turned down you ask? Well I got fatty calves. Every ime I wear garters they slip or I have to tie them so tight that it gets umcomfortable. So I'm going to lengthen the top of the stockings, then turn it down to make a casing of sorts. This is where the embroidery will be at, on that turned down flap.
Plus since my redwork will be my flames, I'm going to embroider crawling flames up the back side of the seam ala 50's stockings!!

For now though, my earrings are done and I'm working on the necklace. I'm going for a cross between a large drop pendant like the portrait on the left, and the double layers like the portrait on the right. So far its kinda slow going but each time I twist a head pin I get a little better and they look nicer. I'm on the lookout for more big purple glass beads/cabachons in order to do my nifty looking girdle belt. I also want the super mega ultra awesome pearl tassel you can see on the belt in the photo on the left (though probably on on this particular link of it). I want that for my dress. Oh yes I do.

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  1. Mmm, jewelry! I'm starting some this week too. I made a (small) pearl tassel for a girdle belt end; they're so fun! Do it!

    Flaming embroidery?! Epic!

    Have you found your silk yet?

    Gonna follow your blog; here's mine: